Awards & Membership

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Governer's Award-1965 for preparation of Scientific Instruments at the level of XII- Science on 23rd Feb 1965. Recognitions:1965-(1). Scientic Fair- Ist Prize at TD College, Jaunpur / (2).Zonal Scientific Award-First Prize at Raja Harpal Singh Inter College, Singramau.
  2. Best Officer's Award-1980 by State of UP-Minister-PWD for carrying out Projects with new Mile Stone of 13 months against 48 Months schedule at the 5th Anniversary of UPRNN on 6th Aug 1980 for Construction of 13-Sugar Mills.14-Textile Mills in UP.
  3. Samaj Shree Award-1993, and Gold Medal Award- 1994- Excellence in Relief Management, -conferred on 17th Sep 1994 by Indian Council of Management Executive, Bombay in recognition of Merit of Excellence for the Earth Quack relief Work carried out in 1991-92 at Uttar-Kashi, Tihari Chamauli.
  4. Chief Minister's Appreciation-for the Monitoring Work of Ambedkar Project, Meeting at Government and Lucknow Development Authority level on August 24, 2003 Download CM Appreciation Letter.
  5. Shiksha Gaurav Award-2012 - honoured by Uttar-Pradesh Award Society, Lucknow to Shri Bharat Raj Singh, Associate Director, SMS Group of Institutions, Lucknow for his Excellent & Appreciable contribution in the Education on eve of "Teachers Day" on September 04, 2012. Download- Award Invitation Letter / Awarded Sheild 2012. / Certificate Shiksha Gaurav 2012. / Shiksha Gaurav 2012 : Photos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
  6. Certificate of Excellence-2012 -issued by IIT-Bomaby for the Contribution made as Coordinator (RC-1247), Aakash Workshop organised on Aakash for Education, at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow held on 10-11 Nov. 2012 .
  7. Life Time Achievement Award-2012 - conferred by International Society of Agile Manufacturing, USA & IIT-BHU, Varanasi to Shri Bharat Raj Singh, Director (R&D), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow in recognition of illustrious contribution in promoting Engineering & Professional Education on December 16, 2012. Download- Life Time Award Sheild / Certificate / Life Time Achievement Award 2012 : Photos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
  8. Certificate of Excellence-2013 - issued by IIT-Bomaby for the Contribution made as coordinator (RC-1247), Aakash Workshop organised on: (i) Research Methods in Educational Technology, at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow held on 2-9 Feb. 2013 . (ii) Aakash Android Application Programming, at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow held on 23-24th Feb and 2-3rd March' 2013. (iii) Database Management System, at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow held on 21-31st May' 2013.
  9. Limca Book of Record-2014 (edition) launched on March 6, 2014 ; Entry messege Dated: Dec 31, 2013 from Mr. Jos MK, Ass Editor, Limca Book Features: First compressed air-powered bike / Limca Book Records-2014 Certificate / Cover / Page274 Print Media: 5th Jan' 14: (i) Amar Ujala, Lucknow- page(7); 6th Jan' 14:(ii) Swatantra Bharat, Lucknow- page(2); 7th Jan' 14:(iii) JanSandesh Times, Alld & VNS- page(1 & 13); (iv) Jansandesh Times, Lucknow & Kanpur-page(11) ; 8th Jan'2014:(v) Dainik Jagran,Lucknow- page(2) ; 9th Jan' 14:(vi) Hindustan Times, Lucknow- page(2) ; (vii) Hindusthan- Lucknow-page(16) / (viii) New Delhi- page(16) / (ix) Patna- page(24) 31st Mar'2014:(x) Amar Ujala- LKO / ALD / VNS / GKR / Agra / Merrut / ND; 01st Apr'2014:(xi) Pioneer- LKO; Apr 04, 2014): (xii) Indian Express LKO.
  10. MONERCO ALUMNI Award-2014- conferred in recognition of illustrious contribution for development of 'Air-O-Bike' that runs on Compressed Air; releases zero pullution and helps to stop Global Warming & Climate Change, on February 02, 2014 by MONERCO Alumni, Lucknow Chapter. Photo-01 / Photo-02
  11. Rashtrya Ratan Award-2014- conferred for outstanding and extra-ordinary achievements and services rendered to promote greater friendship and India-International co-operations by 'Freindship Forum' New Delhi, on March 29, 2014.Rashtrya Ratan Award-Certificate / Bharat Excellence Award-2014 Excellence Award-Certificate
  12. CEE Teacher's Award-2014 -conferred on 6th Sep' 2014 at New Delhi organised by Confederation of Education Excellence, ECON, New Delhi. Felicitated by Padma Vibhusan Prof. Yash Pal & Hon. VC, UPTU, Dr. RK Khandal-Award: Invitaion / Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07
  13. Notable Alumni-Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat (SVNIT), South Gujarat University.
  14. National UP Technical Education Award-2014-conferred for Excellence in Education to Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director, SMS, Lucknow on 29th Nov. 2014-by President, CMAI Association of India, New Delhi. Download Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07
  15. The Legends of India Award-2014-conferred for Excellence in Innovation & Education to: Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director, SMS, Lucknow on 21st Dec. 2014-by President, myGreenCard, Lucknow...Says? / Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05
  16. Limca Book of Record-2015(edition) launched on January 21, 2015; features: First academicians’ work in US school text book:Can Glacier & Icemelt be reversed? -luanched on Feb 21, 2014 at New York, United States - for High School Grade (9-12th) Standard.; Limca Book-2015: Link / Certificate / Cover / Page18.
    Print Media:-on- 22nd Jan'2015:; (i). Amar Ujala, Lucknow, (ii) Hindustan, Lucknow, (iii). Hindustan Times,Lucknow, (iv) Rastriya Sahara, Lucknow, (v). Pioneer, Lucknow, (vi).Kalptaru, Lucknow, City Times:- (vii).Allahabad., (viii). / Faizabad., (ix). Gorakhpur, (x). Kanpur, (xi). Lucknow, (xii). Varanasi; 23rd Jan 2015: Dainik Jagran- (xiii). Lucknow, (xiv). Gorakhpur. 1st Feb 2015: (xv).I-next-epaper / I-next Jagran. / Photo: 01 / 02 / 03. 28th March'2015: (xvi).Danik Jagran, Lucknow, (xvii) Nav Bharat Times, Lucknow, (xviii). Rashtriya Sahara,Lucknow, (xix) Amar Ujala, Lucknow. 29th March'2015: (xx).Danik Prabhat, Lucknow, (xxi) United Bharat, Lucknow. 30th March'2015: (xxii). Times of India, Lucknow; City Times:(xxiii). Lucknow, (xxiv) Kanpur, (xxv). Varanasi, (xxvi). Faizabad.
  17. Elsevier Outstanding Award-2015-for Outstanding Reviewer Status; Reviewer Status Badge ; awarded to: Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director, SMS, Lucknow on Feb. 10, 2015-by Elsevier, Netherland. The status is for being the top 10th percentile for completed reviews for Energy in the past two years. Download: E-mail / Certificates:Jan'2014 / Dec'2014 / Apr'2015.
    Print Media:-on- 15th Feb'2015:(i).Amar Ujala, (ii) Rastriya Sahara, (iii). Pioneer , (iv).United Bharat, City Times: (v).Allahabad., / (vi). Faizabad., / (vii). Gorakhpur, / (viii). Kanpur, / (ix). Lucknow, / (x). Varanasi; 18th Feb'2015: (xi).Hindustan Times, Lucknow. / Listen Radio. 22nd Feb'2015: (xii).Dainik Prabhat., (xiii). Daily News Activist., (xiv). Jan Sandesh Times, (xv). Kalptaru Express; 23rd Feb'2015: (xvi).Times of India, Lucknow.
  18. Limca Book Records-2017 (third time):The School of Management Sciences, Lucknow has been doing intensive work since the year 2012 to awaken public consciousness on global warming and climate change and Limca Book Record ranked the School of Management Sciences, Lucknow as the first Technical College in India to address the problems caused by global warming; making aware 45000 people through 400 schools / colleges of 28 districts of the state in just four-month period and SMS, Director General (Technical), Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, has initiated campaign while publishing the book Global-Warming - Causes, Effects and Remedies - 2015.
    Certificate: Limca Book Records-2017
    Print Media:--on- 13 June 2020: i) Lucknow Times pdf / ii). The Edge Media pdf / iii). Saurya Times pdf / iv). ARNews Times pdf . 14 June 2020: i). Daily News Activist pdf (Pg 03) / jpg(Pg 03) / ii). Dainik Prabhat pdf(Pg 02) / jpg(Pg 02) / iii) Rashtriya Prastavana pdf (Pg 07) / jpg (Pg 07) / iv) Amrit Vichar pdf (Pg 03) / jpg (Page 03) / v). Pioneer Hindi pdf (Pg 4) / jpg(Pg 4) / vi). Pioneer Eng pdf(Pg 04) / jpg(Pg 04) /vii). Aaj Dainik pdf(Pg 04) / jpg(Pg 04) / viii). Pragyansh News pdf(Pg 05) / jpg(Pg 05) . 15 June 2020: i). Nav Bharat Times pdf (Pg 07) / jpg(Pg 07) / ii). Hindustan pdf(Pg 04) / jpg(Pg 04) / 19 June 2020: iii). Dainik Jagran pdf (Pg 09) / jpg(Pg 09) .
  19. "Award-Adarsh Siksha Ratna - 2020" by Adarsh Sanshkarshala, Mathura on 04 Oct 2020; has felicitated to Prof. Bharat Raj Singh with Adarsh Siksha Ratna-2020 for the Innovative Works being place in the Society to curb the Environment Damage. Recently Prof. Singh got the Patent of Novel Air Engine after 10 Years examination by Patent Department of Govt. of India. This award was given to 121 Karmbir Yodhas from 27 States of India.
    Print Media:-on 05 Oct 2020: i). Amar Ujala, Mathura Edition Page 02 / ii). Hindustan, Mathura Edition Page 05 / Video / 06 Oct 2020: iii). Amar Bharati, Agra Edition Page 09 / iv). National Express, New Delhi Page 03 ..