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  1. "Blanket Distribution under CSR by SMS - 13 Jan 2021"
  2.   A Blanket Distribution Program was organized among the needy and poor people under the UBA and Social Responsibility Activity. The Program was flagged off by CEO, SMS Lucknow in the presence of Director General( Technical), Director, CGM and Dean (Academics) from the campus. This program was conducted at an orphanage located at Mohanlalganj, Lucknow. The details about the program is given below enclosed with photographs related to program.
    UBA PI Name : School of Management Sciences, Lucknow
    AISHE code : C-49465
    Program Name : Blanket Distribution Program
    Date : 13/01/2021 .
    Print Media:
    17th Jan 2021: i).Hindustan Page 04 / ii). Daily News Activists Page 04 / iii).Pioneer Hindi Page 04 / iv). Pioneer English Page 03 .

  3. "Republic Day by Viram-5- 26 Jan 2021"
  4.   Republic Day -2021 was celebrated by Veterans, Viramkhand-5 Jankalyan Samiti and citizens of Viram-5 on 26th January 2021 at 11.30 AM and took pledge to make India Atma Nirbhar and Protect Envcironment to check Pandemic in future.
    Print Media:
    27th & 28th Jan 2021: i).Nav Bharat Times Page 06 / ii). Aaj Page 5 / iii).Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / iv). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / v). Shaurya Times Online / Jpg .

  5. "Budget-2021-Interview"
  6.   Scrap Policy introduced in the budget 2021: During interview on 1st February 2021 by Mr Ramendra Singh, Sr. Editor Hindustan, with Prof Bharat Raj Singh, Sr. Environmentalist & Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow told that it will reduced down the harmful exit gases from Old vehicles declared scraped from RTO department but these vehicles are mitigated from urban to rural area and still running, leaving heavy Green House Gases as pollutant. This policy is good and will promote manufacture & sales of URO-6 vehicles in the market.
    Print Media:
    3rd February 2021: i).Hindustan Hindi Page 04 .

  7. "Uttarakahand Glacier Tragedy-2021"
  8.   Devbhumi Uttarakhand Joshimath Glacier: again broken with Glacier tragedy.The Deodi Dam of the Rishi Ganga project broke at 10 am today due to the breaking of heavy rocks of the glacier of Joshimath in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and a sweltering flood in the river of Redigaon created a tragedy. Around 171 people are missing, 26 died and 16 recovered from NTPC Hydro Tunnel on 7th February 2021.
    Online Media:
    7th & 8th February 2021: i).News Track Online / ii).Shaurta Times Online / 09 February 2021 iii).Dainik Jagran Online .
    Print Media:
    8th & 9th February 2021: i).Rudauli Times Page 04 / ii).Hindustan Hindi Page 15 / iii).Aaj Page 05 / iv).Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / v). Nav Bharat Times Page 10 / 10 February 2021 vi).Dainik Jagran Page 09 .

  9. "Run for Green-28th Feb 2021"
  10.   "A Marathon - "Run For Green" : was organised by School of Management Sciences and Electric One on 28th Feb 2021 to make awareness about the Protection of Environmental Damage and Air Pollution adopting clean & green energy. The function started around 6:00AM and marathon at 7:00AM from Janeshwar Park Gate No:4 (followed via Dalal Crossing, CMS Crossing to Ambedkar Crossing and back to Gate 4) 5 km. About 700 people participated in the run. Dignitireis from Govt. & Non Govt. Ms Khyati Garg Dy. Commissioner(Police), Mr. RP Singh, Director (Sports), Col. Praveen Singh, ADG, MSME, Mr. Narendra Kumar, State Information Commissioner, Mr. Amit Kumar Agrawal, Asstt. Commissioner, Nagar Nigam, Navab Lucknow, Mr. Sharad Singh CEO, SMS and Mrs Shweta Singh, MD, Electric - One. Dr. Manoj Mehrotra and Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Environmentalist and DG (Technical) also address the audiencer for protection of Environment. First Prize -Shravan Kumar with Electric Cycle, Second-LR Luthar and 5-more secured consolation prizes and in Womens categories- First Prize, Second and Third prizes were secured by Rachana Joshi, Maya Thapa and Reena Singh respectively.
    Online Media:
    28th Feb 2021: Run for Green ::1:: YouTube(1) ::2:: YouTube(2) ::3:: Twitter -UP Police Twitter .
    Print Media:
    1st Mar 2021: i).Hindustan Hindi Page 07 / ii).Dainik Jagran Jagran City-Page I / iii).Amar Ujala my city-Page 06 / iv). Daily News Activist Page 3 / v).Aaj Page 02 / vi). Pioneer Hindi Page 04 / vii). Pioneer English Page 4 / viii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 2 / 2nd March 2021: ix).Dainik jagran Jagran City Page III .

  11. "International Womens Day-08th Mar 2021"
  12.   "International Womens Day: was observed by School of Management Sciences on 08th Mar 2021. The events was graced by the benign presence of Mr. Sharad Singh, Secretary & CEO, SMS Lucknow, Prof (Dr.) B.R.Singh, D.G (Tech) SMS Lucknow, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean Academics, Dr. Jagdish Singh, CGM. Mr. Sharad Singh brought out the role of woman in family and society during his addressed and Prof. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh told that women’s are respected as mother, sister, and godess like: Lakshmi, Sarswati, Durga devi since our vedic period and CGM, express his views about the achievements of women in various fields and also to express our respect, appreciation & love towards the most powerful gender. The program was truly turned out to be an inspiring element to the women Faculty & Staff of the college.All the women present in the celebration were gifted with “a flowerpot with a Tulsi plant” and celebration ended with a great triumph.
    Print Media:
    9th Mar 2021: i).Daily News Activist Page 03 / ii).Rashtriya Sahara Page 5 / iii).Amar Ujala my city-Page 05 .

  13. "World Water Day-22nd Mar 2021"
  14.   World Water Day : was observed at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 22nd Mar 2021. Students and Faculty members were participated in Poster making, Presentation and Movie show to make everyone awareness about the Protection, Conservation and recharging of water in the day to day life. Water level has gone down and in the most of cities there is crises of water for drinking and other required purpose. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, an Environmentalist & DG(Tech) of SMS shown his concern and appeal to people to protect water for our present and future requirement. A large number of Students took parts with full enthuasm and were awarded Certificate and Trophy as First, Second and Third winner.
    Print Media:
    22nd Mar 2021: i).Hindustan Hindi Page 04 .
    Photos: 01 * 02 * 03 * 04 * 05 * 06 * 07 .

  15. "CSR activities of SMS recognised -24th Mar 2021"
  16.   CSR Activities of School of Management Sciences : towards adopting 2- Aganwadi Schools and providing students with Toys, Books, Neutriants was recognised and felicitated by Hon. Governor of Uttar-Pradesh Smt. Anandiben on 24th March at Mohanlalganj, Lucknow. The programme was conducted under umbrella of Abdul Kalam Technical University and 26 Institutions adopted more than 58- Aganwadi in Lucknow. Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow recieved awards from Governor of UP in the function.
    Print Media:
    25th Mar 2021: i).Hindustan Hindi Page 08 / ii).Daily News Activists Page 03 .
    Photos: 01 * 02 * 03 * 04 * 05 * 06 * 07 .

  17. "Holi Festival-28th Mar 2021"
  18.   Holika Dahan & Colourful Holi : was observed at Viram Khand-5, Gomtinagar Jankalyan Samiti, Lucknow on 28th-29th Mar 2021. Senior citizens and members of Viram Khand-5 took part in Holika Dahan and to observe colourful holi. Keeping in view of CORONA pendemic second strain which affected people of India 68,000 in a day of 28th March 2021 and 399 in Lucknow alone, Senior Citizen took oath to oberve the festival strictly following Corona Guidelines maintaining 6 feet distance and putting mask and also encouraged people to follow it judiceousely
    Print Media:
    30th Mar 2021: i).Lucknow Times jpg / pdf / 31st Mar 2021: ii).Voice of Movement jpg .

  19. "Colleges/Institues & University-16th Apr 2021"
  20.   Classes & Practicals : are suspended till 15th May 2021. However online classes will run from home. 50% Faculty and staff strength will join and operate the online classes and other activities on roaster basis as per govt decision said by Special Secretary, Hogher Education, Mr. Ahmed..
    Print Media:
    16th Apr 2021: i).Pioneer Hindi Page 1 .

  21. "Sr. Environmentalist vaccinated II Dose-17th Apr2021"
  22.   Prof Bharat Raj Singh, Sr Environmentalist & DG, SMS, Lucknow : took Second Dose of Covoishield on 16th April 2021 and given message to Society how to curb such pandamicc.
    Print Media:
    17th Apr 2021: i).Shaurya Times Portal / JPG / ii).Rashtriya Prastavana Page 5 / iii).Voice of Movement Page 12 .

  23. "Solar Hub in UP-2021"
  24.   UP State Govt creating Solar Hub in UP: Chief Minister UP has annouced to create Solar Hub and generate 225 MW through it.
    Print Media:
    Solar Hub (24th Apri 2021): Pioneer Hindi Page 04.
    Health Oxygen (25th Apri 2021): Pioneer Hindi Page 04.

  25. "Joshi Math again Glacier Tragedy-2021"
  26.   Devbhumi Uttarakhand Joshimath Glacier: again faced with Glacier tragedy on Friday 23rd Apr 2021, when 6-7 casuality occured and 27- persons found missing.This was pridicted by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh since 2013 that such tragedy of glacier breaking or heavy rocks will continue to happen through out Himalayan Glacier being 3rd largest and spread over to 2,500 kms. It is only because of Global warming impact glaciers are found carcking and also not stcking over old glacier ahving relatively higher tempearture and repeating again which happened in 2013 at Kedar Nath Temple and early this year 2021 on 7th February.
    Print Media:
    25th to 26th Apri 2021: i).Daily News Activist Page 01 / ii). Hindustan Page 11 / iii).Jansatta Page 04 .
    28th Apri 2021: iv).Today India News24 Online / Pdf .

  27. "Minding of Minds-2021"
  28.  Webinar on Minding of Minds during COVID Pendamics (21 Days): organised by IGNOU, NSS & Maharshi University on Wednesday 05th May 2021 (18th day), in which Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Sr. Environmentalist & DG(Tech), School of Management was Keynote Speaker [a Resource Person] and special Speaker was Dr. Manav Singh. They have highlighted that during pandemics , it is important to engage every one in some constructive work, do yoga, and make good undersatnding and strong bondage between family memebers.Dont follows any fake news etc.We will defenetley come out with this, but we must follow the guidelines of putting Mask and maintaining 6 feet distance. Before start of programme covenor, Prof. Sapan Srivastav,AP & Dean, Maharshi University and Cheif Convemner, Dr. Kirti Vikram Singh welcome all the eminent Academicians and Participants and Speakers respectively after reading their credentials.
    Print Media:
    07th May 2021: i).Amrit Vichar Page 06 / ii). Tijarat Page 03 .
    Print Media: