Education Detail

Membership Detail

  1. Fellow of Institution of Engineer's India FIE-010857/6 (M) in 1985.
  2. Chartered Engineer of Institution of Engineer's India CE-010857 in 1985.
  3. Member of International Association of Engineers IAENG-105641 (M) in 2010.
  4. Expert Group Member-Council of Science & Technology, Govt. of UP-for 3-Years vide OM:CST/D-2330 dated: Dec. 04, 2013.
  5. Exam Committee Member-UP State Entrance Exam(UPSEE-2014), Govt. of UP vide UPSEE2014/Results/2014-06 dated: May 25, 2014.
  6. Life Member-The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), India-LM94486,in 2014 Certificate / Card
  7. Editor-in-Chief- JPSET- SAMRIDDHI-A Journal of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology ISSN:2229-7111.
  8. Member of Editorial Board- WASET- World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology ISSN: 2010-3778.
  9. Member of Editorial Board- RJASET- Maxwell Science ISSN:2040-7459.
  10. Member of Editorial Board- IJET- Engg Journals Publications ISSN:0975-4024.
  11. Member of Council- GJRE, USA- Welcome to Council of Peer Reviewers ISSN:0975-5861.
  12. Member of Editorial Board- InTech Book Editor-Global Warming ISBN:979-953-307-820-4; DOI: 10.5772/2599.
  13. Member of Advisory Board- IJAET- International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology ISSN:2231-1963.
  14. Member of Editorial Board- IJESET- International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Emerging Technologies ISSN: 2231-6604.
  15. Member of Editorial Board- JET- International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology ISSN: 2233-398X.
  16. Member of Editorial Board- IJMER- International Journal of Modern Engineering Research ISSN: 2249 –6645.
  17. Member of Editorial Board- IJME- International Journal of Mechanical Engineering; ISSN: 2277-7059.
  18. Member of Editorial Board- JESWR - Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources:- Download
  19. Member of Editorial Board- GJAET - Global Journal of Advanced Engineering Technologies ISSN: 2277-6370.
  20. Member of Editorial Board- IJSER - International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, Houston, USA ISSN: 2229-5518.
  21. Member of Advisory Board- GJMST - Global Journal of Management Scientific and Technology, New Delhi, India ISSN: 2277-5978.
  22. Member of Editorial Board- InTech Book Editor-Climate Change ISBN 978-953-51-0934-1; DOI: 10.5772/3459.
  23. Member of Editorial Board- IJMSE - International Journal of Mechanic Systems Engineering, Hong Kong, China ISSN: 2225-7403 (Print); ISSN: 2226-6461(Online).
  24. Member of ibridge-Linking Ideas & Innovations, Kauffman Innovation Network, Inc., 4801 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110.
  25. Member of Advisory / Editorial Board- IJETAE - International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, INDIA ISSN 2250–2459(Online).
  26. Editor-in-Chief IRJESTI - International Research Journal of Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation; Nigeria ISSN:2315-5663; Aug 2012.
  27. Member of Editorial Board IJMRA - International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Academic, USA; appointment for i). IJMIE - ISSN:2249-0558 and ii). IJMT - ISSN:2249-1058.
  28. Member of Editorial Board IJAIEM - International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management; - ISSN:2319-4847.
  29. Member of Editorial Board IJMER - International JOurnal of Mechanical Engineering and Research; - ISSN:2249-0019(Online).
  30. Member of Editorial Board IIRJC -i-Xplore International Research JOurnal Consortium; - ISSN: 2319 - 4413(Online).
  31. Member of Editorial Board IJREAT - International JOurnal of Research in Engineering and Advanced Technology; - ISSN: 2320 - 8791(Online).
  32. Member of Editorial Board GJMSE - GLOBAL Journal for Management Science and Engineering; - ISSN: XXXX - XXXX(Online).
  33. Member of Editorial Board WSJEA - World Science Journal of Engineering Applications; -World Science Publications conducted by World Standard Organization (WSO).
  34. Member of Editorial Board WSJAR - World Science Journal of Applied Research; - World Science Publications conducted by World Standard Organization (WSO).
  35. Member of Editorial Board SJAS - Swiss Journal of Applied Sciences; -E-ISSN: 2307-3837; Swiss Journal Publications conducted by World Standard Organization (WSO).
  36. Member of Editorial Board IJOR - International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Academy; -ISSN: 2249-05589 (Online); International Journal of Managment, IT and Engineering.
  37. Member of Editorial Board IPASJ International Journal of Management (IIJM); -ISSN: 2321-645X (Online).
  38. Member of Editorial Board Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering (IJRME); -ISSN: 2347-8772(print) & ISSN: 2347-5188 (Online).
  39. Member of Editorial Board International Journal of Innovative Technology and Research (IJITR); -ISSN: 2320-5547 (Online).
  40. Member of Editorial Board Journal of Mechanical Design and Vibration (JMDV); -ISSN: pending (Online).
  41. Member of Editorial Advisory Board InTech Book, Croatia; Appointment- Advisory Board of InTech Book Download .
  42. Member of Reviewer Council of Peer Reviewers-GJRE,USA - Global Journal, USA .
  43. Member of Editorial Board International Journal of Engineering Science Reviews-IJESR, USA .
  44. Member of Editorial Board International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering(GBS- IJAME)-A GBS Publishers and Distributors, India .
  45. Member of Editorial Board International Journal of Management & Engineering(IJOR-IJMIE)-Indian Journals,A Product of Diva Enterprises, India .